**COPY & PASTE THIS TEMPLATE LISTING** Make/Model of Rig – Price – Location (for example: '69 Shasta – $12,000 FIRM – San Antonio, TX)

Please include 1-2 paragraphs with 3-5 sentences each with a description of your rig! Think of this as your elevator pitch where you highlight all the important things about what you're selling.

Be sure to include whether or not you'll ship, willing to travel, selling as a whole business, etc. Anything you think is important or noteworthy!

Name: John/Jane Doe
Company: The Company Name
Location: San Antonio, TX

Rig Name: Collins (if applicable)
Price: $10,000 OBO
Type: Entire Business *or* Single Item – '69 Shasta Β 

Website: mobilebevpros.com
Email: thecompany@gmail.com
Phone: (this is optional if you want to include it or not!)
Instagram: instagram.com/mobilbevpros
Facebook: facebook.com/mobilebevpros
Pinterest: pinterest.com/mobilebevpros/_created/ (if applicable)