Gavin Bistodeau

Satellite Bars/Mobile Bars (all equipment and accessories) -$6000- Grand Junction, CO

Ive spent the previous 6 months designing and building these two extremelyΒ  versatile bars. Unfortunately, after completion, it's time that I part ways with the both. The good news is that the funds will go directly into building an ACTUAL bar- something I've dreamt of for years. Im selling both w/ additional equipment at cost.

After catering for a couple of years, I got tired of turning down larger events because lack of equipment and resources. To remedy that, I designed two bars that could produce as many drinks for as many people as quickly, efficiently and responsibly as I could. Each bar is equipped with drop-in ice wells, tap capabilities, and speed rails for built beverages. Both bars( 4 and 6 foot) break down into 2 side panels, a front accent panel, and bar top (6 foot splits into 2 pieces) for easy transportation. Bars can be set-up as full service or self-serve depending on the event.

Accessories and additional equipment included (message for more info)
Must pick up in Grand Junction, CO

Name: Gavin Bistodeau
Company: Stand By Me Bar
Location: Grand Junction, CO

Price: $6,000 OBO (includes additional equipment and accessories)
Type: Entire BusinessΒ 

Phone: (970)640-7607